Possible trade arrangement with a Guava distillery

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Possible trade arrangement with a Guava distillery Empty Possible trade arrangement with a Guava distillery

Post by Teshka on Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:14 pm

So I'm memming around the Emerald arch, and using the 3rd party app "Yet Another Revenue Research Gatherer" to find some nice trades to run while I do so. And apparently I made an impression, because I get this tell from a distiller on Guava:

Husqvarna tells ye, "Ahoy Teshka! Congradulations, you are the first pirate in my entire history that has cleaned me out by buying everything I sell! :)"
Husqvarna tells ye, "Would ye like to set up a deal where I sell you bulk commods weekly? Hemp Oil I can lower the price 2 poe per unit"

I "cleaned him out" of small cannon balls at 15poe on Guava, because YARRG found me an arbitrage deal there to resell them for 16. But the offer he's making is to do with his distilling shop on Guava.

I told him that me, personally, I can't guarantee I'll be doing that run weekly. (Especially with my habit of letting my subscription lapse for months at a time.) But I told him I would pass along his offer to the rest of the flag, and if there was interest, maybe someone would be in touch. I also told him he should feel free to contact our Howee or any of the royals, and he says he's sent an offer to Boohey. So this may be stale news by the time you read it.

So now you know.

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