Links to YPP maps of the Cerulean Ocean

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Links to YPP maps of the Cerulean Ocean Empty Links to YPP maps of the Cerulean Ocean

Post by Waterspout on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:52 pm

Here is a large composite of the combined ocean (click on the Adobe symbol to see the map):

However I found this map kind of hard to use unless you have a large printer, instead I printed out Cobalt and Midnight separately using these links:

I use these version for keeping track of what I have memorized as well as noting key locations (like herb spawns, Gem markets, etc).  I don't worry about the inter-ocean league points other than to note I have both connections memorized.

There is also a Wiki map of Cerulean at:

What is nice about this map is that relative toughness of brigand/barbarian spawn is indicated in the color scheme of the league point.  Blue is easy while red and black are harder.  The inter-ocean LPs are not colored but they have a toughness higher than the ones in Ruby.  Also charts that can be purchased are indicated with solid lines, and maps that can only be won from brigands and barbarians are indicated as dotted.

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