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Post by Howee on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:20 pm

We had a (WONDERFUL) mate leave one of our crews last week because they felt left out. They had logged on and said ahoys in FO chat, and had no response. This happened (from what I can determine) more than once. I know that normally there will be a response when someone says ahoys, but I've also seen meself where there's no response for several minutes or (rarely) not at all. I've also seen where people have tried to start a conversation in FO chat and have been ignored. My guess is that people are talking on Skype and not reading chat. Skype is a great tool, but not everyone uses it or they may use it, but if no one lets them know a call is going on, they'll feel ignored. I know our flag is better than this - one of the reasons given for people wanting to join our flag is because we're friendly and welcoming. I really want to keep it this way.

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