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Back by popular demand......... Empty Back by popular demand.........

Post by Howee on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:58 pm

Pirate o' the week!

When Gelf were Monarch he had a "Pirate o' the Week", where one awesome matey would be recognized fer their awesomeness. When mentioning a few ideas I had last night, 'most everyone said they liked this and would enjoy seein' it back. Yer wish is my command!

I'll be startin' this next week. Send in yer nominations! Ye can send 'em to me privately here or ye can email 'em to me ( Ye can also tell me in game. Lemme know what's ye likes about each other, what someone does that makes yer piratey day just a wee bit happier.

Yer King,
Sir Howee o' Pea

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