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May Day event Empty May Day event

Post by Silverstache on Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:21 pm

I was thinking that since Meke means dance in polynesian (vaguely) that a good time to have an event blockade at Meke was around May Day. Anyone interested in helping me come up with some ideas?

I think an event blockade is right, but also some kind of race. A race around Coral (Ring around the Rosie) would be interesting but since it's mostly uninhabited not sure how we track pirate's ships.

My idea for the Event blockade would be a 2 pirate sloop Danceathon. Pirates keep going until they are sunk or get too tired to continue (7 rounds and you have to keep the same sloop the whole time. Especially fun with a windy or rocky board.

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May Day event Empty Re: May Day event

Post by Waterspout on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:30 pm

It wouldn't be hard to post a pirate at one or more islands (Macaw, Turongo, Durian) to pass out a trinket to each race participant that docks there. You could also vwho a ship to keep track of its progress and the pirates on board.

A loop from Meke to park to Macaw to Durian back to Meke would be quite the run, with lots of opportunities for combat. You could ask ships to stop for a trinket at Park, Macaw and Durian (ensuring ships make the full circuit).

How about something crazy like this: We have the event start by putting some war brigs out somewhere in the middle of the battle board. The WB would be sailed into position with one pirate from our flag and swabbies. All sloops that join are paired evenly with the WBs, and assigned a "WB". The sloops must fire x shots into the WB before leaving to start the race. Shooting at each other is permitted! The WB are allowed to turn in a circle (and fire in a limited way?) to add some unpredictability.

After the ships score x hits on the WB, they then exit the ocean side safe zone and begin the race. Sloops must port at Park, Macaw, and Durian to pick up a unique trinket from a pirate waiting there. Use vwho and tells to keep track of ships and make sure more pirates aren't added after they leave the battle board, and don't just whisk to the three islands. Swabbies and pirate repair WB damage after sloops leave.

Upon completing the island circuit, sloops are paired into twos (one may have to wait) and have to repeat their dance around the WB, this time requiring 2x hits to leave for the island safe zone. First sloop to reach the island hand hand over the trinkets wins.

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