Those Darn Greenies! :D

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Those Darn Greenies! :D Empty Those Darn Greenies! :D

Post by AKGemini on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:18 am

All of us have seen some pretty interesting and funny situations involving Greenies.

And though some despise them, I can only thank them for those special moments that they bring in to my pirating existence.

Had a screenie of this on my old PC back in the day, but sadly it has passed, so I'll tell it instead:

Several pirates are on a ship out at see, and happen across another sloop. While engaged in battle the following conversation happens:

Captain 'Everyone station up please!'
Gary Greenie 'Wow i can see the other ship from up here...!'
Captain 'Please station Gary, I need ye on sails.'
Gary Greenie 'Shoot them now! They're coming!'
Captain 'Gary... I can't have lazers sitting about during the sea-battle. Station up.'
Gary Greenie 'Seriously!? Lazers?'
Captain 'Aye, now get on station!'
Gary Greenie 'Why the hell are we using cannonballs if we have lazers?'

/plank Gary Greenie

Was hilarious.

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