Treatise of the Ally

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Treatise of the Ally Empty Treatise of the Ally

Post by Gelflord on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:21 am

Peace Time:

Otherworld will encourage jobbing with Ally during Ally's pillages and events. Otherworld will try their best to not cross-load Ally on large pillages or Sea Monster Hunts.

Otherworld holds a large flag pillage on Friday evenings at approximately 7pm Pirate Time. During this time, Otherworld will not be available to job, unless there is to be a pre-arranged alternate event during that time.

PvP'ing between Otherworld and Ally is allowed. If asked to disengage within the first two turns or before one side is fired upon, whichever comes first, the attacker must disengage.

Event Blockades are occasionally held by Otherworld as events within the flag. Ally is welcome to participate in these events as long as they talk to the event facilitator to clarify all of the rules and happenings of the event itself.

War Time:

Otherworld will encourage all flag members to job with Ally. If Ally is attacking or defending an island from another Ally, Otherworld will take a neutral stance and individual members can job with whoever they see fit.

Ally may ask Otherworld to supply ships and navigators for blockades if told in advance. Otherworld will ask its officers if any of them would like to help by Navigating (or whatever positions need filling), and it is up to the Officer's own discretion to say yes or no.
If the blockade is sinking and the Ally needs ships, the Navigator will only be allowed to take their own ship or ships designated for Sinking events. Otherworld ships will not be lent out to Navigators outside of the flag in a sinking environment.

If Ally needs stock, Otherworld will negotiate with its shopkeepers and Ally to get proper compensation.

Otherworld expects the same of Ally in all of the above articles.
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